About - VermontScapes

My name is Mark Vandenberg and I'm a landscape photographer based in Vermont. I’ve long had a passion for Vermont's magnificent panoramic views and wild nature. Coincidentally, I was also that person who’d take up the camera and start clicking during my childhood family vacations. These two elements gradually started to merge, as I developed my skills and got more serious about my photos.

I love to create things – always have. The art of landscape photography is unique in that it forces one to go out and explore new places, often during times one would normally be in bed, or in conditions one would normally avoid. (Try an evening shoot in zero-degree weather!) The world is quite a different place under a starry sky prior to sunrise: It makes for a beautiful silence and stunning views, both of which the artist witnesses in solitude. Channeling the energy of such a moment into an image is the challenge – and the viewer’s excitement is the reward.

Thank you for visiting my page!  If you'd like to contact me directly, please drop me a line at: mark (at) markvandenbergphoto (dot) com.

Mark Vandenberg